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How to Find the Best Womens Surf Wear Online?

Whether you're a competitive swimmer, a beach fanatic or simply have heaps of love for board sports, in the likes of - surfing, kitesurfing or paddle boarding you surely want to find your perfect women's surf wear that will hold and support you throughout your day without any compromises or malfunctions.


womens surf wear


In today's women's surf wear market there are plenty of brands out there and the online world is flooded with unlimited swimsuit options and stores, however if we consider the true support and comfort needed whilst performing water sports activities you can’t just rely on pretty looking swimsuit, that is not crafted with the idea in mind to cater to the women who perform their activities in water and want to stay stylish in their one-piece swimsuits. 


One such new brand has entered the market very recently but we already love their women's surf wear limited product editions. If you want to stand out from the crowd then we truly think the bright colored swimsuit designs they produce will do just that!


They are specifically designed for full coverage, with supple fabric and detailed cuts to enhance your female form. Also, their message is truly wonderful to inspire women from all walks of life to follow their inner voice and believe in the power within. 


So if you are interested in something new and slightly different from the mass market offerings, then this could be it! We also believe their products are fairly priced if we compare it with other brands out there. 


If this small article has caught your attention and you would like to see what it is all about, in our opinion offering very beautiful and stylish one-piece swimsuits that are only available online, as the brand wants to stay independent and unique in their own ways. www.ik-lifestyle.com.


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Best New & Known Activewear Brands of 2019

We have combined a list of new activewear brands along with well known and trusted names to help you to decide which brand you would like to incorporate in your favorite workouts and add to your existing wardrobe.
In our view here are some of the best activewear brands for the 2019 that are both functional and fashionable.

best activewear brand in UAE

• IK Lifestyle
The new and upcoming lifestyle brand for women activewear online who love to to be active and feel at ease in their chosen workouts. They provide small but select range of good quality designed activewear and swimwear, also keeping in mind women with true passion for water sports like surfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding or simply women who love to connect with the nature. This brand comes with a mission to empower every woman to believe in her strength, embracing each individuality. If you are looking for more than just another activewear brand that everybody knows about, then IK Lifestyle is the best activewear brand in UAE with a bigger message and mission to connect with women around the world and to truly inspire the power within and love for active lifestyle.
You can see the all the different styles and colors in their online store.
• The Upside
Designed and founded by TV personality and model Jodhi Meares, this brand merges both style and functionality smoothly. With innovative ideas and products for different tastes.
The company offers activewear for both men and women.
• Puma
The biggest superstar Selena Gomez and Rihanna have collaborated with Puma. Thus, some of the coolest sports wear can be found at Puma. Offering kids, men’s and women's activewear, Puma is one of the top names in the industry and has a variety of products.
• Gymshark
This company has grown over the years to become one of the most successful UK activewear provider available online. They specialize in offering both women’s and men’s athletic clothing. In addition to this, Gymshark also offers a variety of accessories, such as lifting straps, towels, beanies, water bottles, and phone cases.
• Lululemon
If you love to do yoga, then this brand is for you. Lululemon is loved and known amongst yoga lovers for their variety of colors and styles. They have amazing designs with unique cut-outs, moreover the materials are of great quality which also comes with premium price range.
This brand stocks both men and women's athletic clothing. They also offer gloves, scarves, water bottles, headbands, bags, and yoga mats. In fact, it is your all in one stop for yoga shopping.
• Under Armour
Offering good quality kid’s men’s and women activewear, as well as accessories like headgear, backpacks, and shoes, Under Armour is the type of sportswear you should go for if you are serious about working out. They have acquired amazing reputation and are still producing up to date designs with new innovative ideas.
• Lorna Jane
Lorna Jane is one of the most popular women’s activewear brand in Australia. The best part of this brand is that they also offer a complete maternity collection for women who love to workout and wear activewear during their pregnancy. At Lorna Jane, you can find whatever you want from a sports bra and tights to shoes, accessories, as well as books.
• Nike
On the entire list, Nike is probably the most celebrated name worldwide. With its slogan ‘Just Do It’, it gives the message to the users and encourages them to start their fitness journey. Here you can find the best quality activewear for boys, girls, women, and men. In addition, the company offers a wide range of shoes as well.


Five Effective Ways To Make You Go To The Gym Early

I know scores of people who strive hard to get inspired to make them leave the bed and start the day. “I too find the gravitational pull from my bed overpowering, especially at dawn when I have to go to the gym.” This may sound funny, but it will be of no help to someone who has to work out. You might come across many people giving up their quest to have a fit and healthy life. However, by following these tips, you too can get up early and zip to the gym with ease.


  • Find the best gym nearby and an enthusiastic trainer


It is helpful for you to get a good gym. Distance to travel to reach a gym may deter a person from working out. So, look for a gym closer to home and with motivating gym trainers on-board. If your workout partner is also great, you will enjoy your time more than just sweating out sessions. The trainers will push you to do better and workout effectively.


  • Have your gym bag ready


People usually hate waking up and pack in the wee hours of the morning. Getting the gym bag ready with squat proof leggings and matching full support sports bra the night before can help you. If you plan to go for a swim after the workout, be sure to pack in the stylish one piece swimsuit for yourself along with the towels. This trendy gym gear and swimwear are available from the reputed brand like IK Lifestyle.


  • Have your food ready the night before


It is not right to starve and workout. Thus, prepare light food the previous night itself and pack ready for consumption in the morning. Similarly, pack in a fruit or a protein bar for post-workout cravings. Many people ignore the food aspect.


  • Hit the bed early


You will notice that early to bed, early to rise policy works. Just be sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep and your body and mind will be ready to jump-start the next morning. A tired body and mind might further not be in the condition to get ready for the gym. Rest can give the body and muscles sufficient energy to work out again the next day.


  • Congratulate yourself and treat thyself!


Consider it an accomplishment if you are able to get out of the bed straight for a week or a fortnight. It is indeed commendable to see someone bring in a positive change and head to the gym after so much persistence. Get yourself a pair of new sneakers or maybe invest in the best activewear brand in the UAE, IK Lifestyle. After all, it makes a lot of sense to get the perfect fitting clothes just so that you can work out with energy and continue your workout smoothly.


IK Lifestyle is one of the popular sites to shop for stylish womens activewear online with excellent fitting. It just requires a bit of motivation for anyone to go hopping and skipping to the gym.


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